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Hotels in Portrush is the No.1 site on the Internet specialising in hotels in Portrush. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure we can help to find you the right place to stay.


Portrush Specialists

Hotels in Portrush focuses on helping you find, compare and book great hotels in Portrush and the surrounding area. We provide many tools to help, like searching hotels by location or traveller rating. We offer specific advice on places to stay if you are travelling to Portrush for a specific purpose - like to play golf at Royal Portrush Golf Course, watch the North West 200, surf, or visit the Giant's Causeway.


Extensive List of Hotels and B&Bs

We have an extensive list of hotels and bed and breakfasts featured on Hotels in Portrush. We constantly expand that list, with new hotels added and the existing list updated every month.


Unbiased Information

Our aim is to make our website the most comprehensive resource on the internet for places to stay in Portrush and the wider Causeway Coast area of Northern Ireland. For that reason we have not done what most other travel-related websites have done. Most others spend a lot of time setting up business relationships with hotels and bed and breakfasts. That means when you search, they promote the places they have a financial relationship with over all the others. So you cannot be sure you are getting the best advice, or the best price.

We do not do that. We list, review and write about everything. The way we make money is by carrying advetisements, primarily from companies that have similar principals to us, like Tripadvisor.

So with us, you get the full, unbiased picture.


Local expertise

We are from Northern Ireland and have been working in the North Coast area for about 10 years. We go to the North West 200 and have visited the Giant's Causeway and other attractions the Causeway Coast has to offer many times. We eat in the restaurants, visit the hotels, walk on the beaches and play golf at the local courses, so we know what we are talking about.

And remember, using our website is absolutely free.

Thank you for visiting Hotels in Portrush. We hope you found it useful. Portrush is a great place to stay for both business and pleasure, as is the Causeway Coast area of Northern Ireland. It rivals destinations anywhere in the world.

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